The Green Line S.P.A., at the top of the Italian market for fresh and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables, is now taking a leading position in the markets for IV range products, ready-made first courses, extracts, smoothies and juices.

On the occasion of the Tutto Food fair, held in Milan in 2019, the Italian company participated with its own brand Dimmidisì, choosing as partner Interlinea s.r.l. which made use of the experience and professionalism of Touch Revolution for the technological part.

For the Dimmidisì brand, Touch Revolution has developed a ski simulator, displayed on a large and visually striking ledwall. Once registered, the users experienced the thrill of a giant slalom descent, sponsored by the Dimmidisì brand, and participated in a small contest linked to the shortest track travel time.

The platform designed by Interlinea and created by Touch Revolution provided for the use of sensors and cameras in order to track all the movements of people during the descent and represent them, through the creation of a proprietary algorithm, on the screen so that the performance was the closest to reality.
Users started from a gate where they placed their feet on the skis and their hands on the poles, thus maintaining a correct posture to face the descent. Based on the user's movements, the software was able to calculate the speed on the snow in real time and then record the real time traveled on the track. At the end of the game, the customer could request a print photo of his performance.

Once again Interlinea has entrusted Touch Revolution with the implementation of the project by choosing it as a partner of recognized experience, for its knowledge in the technological field in developing such an ambitious project, through the integration of sensors and cameras, creating a software designed specifically , which would allow the customer to acquire its data and to sponsor its brand in an innovative way.
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